Essential Conversations: Interracial couple reflects on challenges and classes

Essential Conversations: Interracial couple reflects on challenges and classes

HOUSTON COUNTY, Ga. — In light of precisely what’s taking place within our community, 13WMAZ would like to provide room inside our newscast as well as on our web site for folks to provide viewpoint and hope.

We understand just how communication that is important at this minute over time so modification can happen. We have been calling these sections “Crucial Conversations.”

Rashaad Bolton is from Houston County and claims he did experience racial bias and discrimination growing up, specially when it found dating.

“An 8th grader or 9th grader should not need to explain their self-worth to someone’s moms and dads. They ought tonot have to describe why they deserve to be able to be making use of their daughter or son simply because of these color,” he states.

Bolton recently took to Twitter to thank their now-fiancee’s household for always accepting and supporting their relationship with Jaucelynn Hickam. They began dating in their senior 12 months of high college.

Bolton composed: “You along with your family have now been indescribably wonderful, caring, sweet, & most notably mindful. conscious of just what can be unpleasant in my experience and losing sight of the option to remove/filter whatever it could be. We thank every one of you for bringing me personally in with available hands.”

“Yes, their epidermis is just a various color,” states Hickam’s mom, “but that never ever crossed my brain. Exactly just exactly What crossed my brain had been, ‘Is he a human being that is good? Yes, he had been, and yes, he could be. Is he planning to treat her the real means she has to be addressed? Absolutely.’ Those will be the considerations that matter.”

Bolton’s fiancee states their relationship was not constantly effortless, specially in highschool.

“I sorts of had to move into Rashaad’s globe and I also would see cases of rude reviews being made and therefore was one thing actually brand brand new in my situation,” claims Hickam. “I would personally need certainly to speak to Rashaad with it. (more…)

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